Registration is open!

Price Description
Normal $400 CAD Normal conference attendance
Student $70 CAD For anyone enrolled in a higher level education program with a valid and current Student ID or proof of enrollment.
Speaker Free Confirmed speakers get free registration.


Registration fee

The registration fee depends on the type of registration. It must be paid in advance using one of the approved methods. Please verify that your payment has been received within one week of paying it (by checking the status on the registration form), and contact us if it hasn't.

Once your registration and payment have been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email which also contains the ticket. The email is sent from so make sure to add it to your contacts list to avoid it reaching your spam folder.

You can pay using Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, and China UnionPay). If you have a company department making the payments, please see the section on paying somebody else's invoice. If you plan to register many attendees to be paid for by the same person, please see the section on Registering for somebody else.


We accept more or less all full-time, as well as part-time, enrolments which can be proven with a valid and current student identification, or some similar proof of enrolment. If you are unsure if you qualify for a student ticket, contact us and we will give a definitive answer.


Upon successful registration, you will be issued a PDF ticket which you need to bring to the event either printed or on a device of your choice. Present the ticket at the registration desk for your badge and access to the event.

Diversity Scholarship

As part of its goal to build an inclusive and wide-reaching PostgreSQL community, PgUS sponsors a Diversity Scholarship for conference attendance.

If you are a member of an underrepresented community within Postgres and need financial assistance to attend PGConf.Dev 2024, please consider applying here. Scholarship funds can apply to registration, hotel, airfare, and per-diem meals.

Applications should specify how attending PGConf.Dev 2024 will benefit you, and how you plan to share the benefit with others in your community.

The scholarships are administered by PgUS a different Not-For-Profit from the one that organizes PGConf.Dev.

Sponsored Registrations

Some of the conference sponsors have registration vouchers available to donate to attendees seeking financial support to attend the conference. If you are looking for financial support for your registration fee contact and we can put you in touch with sponsors that have told us they have registration vouchers available for donation

What's included

Included in all registrations is access to all sessions, lunch, two catered coffee breaks.

Invoices and receipts

When you have filled our your details in the registration form, an invoice will be automatically generated for you. An invoice is generated regardless of which payment method you choose. Once an invoice has been generated, it can no longer be changed, so make sure you validate that it has any required company information on it. If it is incorrect, you can cancel the invoice, change the details and generate a new one. Note that once an invoice has been paid, it can no longer be cancelled or changed in any way.

Once your payment has completed, you will receive a PDF copy of your receipt using email, and it will also be available for download on the registration page. This normally only takes a few minutes after your payment has completed, but it is not sent until the process is complete.

Your Data

When registering for the conference, we will ask for personal information such as name and address, but also your dietary requirements. For information on how this data is stored and processed, see the PG Events Canada Privacy Policy.


If you need to cancel your registration after you have paid, please contact us for manual handling. The refund we can offer depends on when you cancel so please cancel as soon as you know you won't be able to make it to the event. The available refund levels are:

Cancel on or before Refund
2024-04-23 100%
2024-05-07 50%
2024-05-14 25%

Cancellations on or after 2024-05-15, as well as any for which a visa invitation letter has been provided, cannot be refunded.

All cancellations incur a $30 CAD administration fee.

Transferring Registration

Registration is personal, and there is no facility for transferring it. We do however allow a registration to be transferred to another individual within the same organisation when there is a legitimate reason which prevents participation. The transfer carries an administrative charge of $30 CAD. Contact us for assistance with transferring an existing, and paid for, registration.

Registering for somebody else

If you want to make a registration for somebody else (one or more people, such as registering a group of people from the same company), you can use the "register for somebody else" functionality. You will find the link in the registration area, once you logged in with your personal account. Fill out the individual registration forms for each of the persons you want to register, and then generate a shared invoice for all of them. Note that this shared invoice must be paid under the same terms as any other invoice, using the same payment methods and deadlines.

If the attendee being registered already has a community account in the system, the registration will be automatically attached to that account. The account is matched by comparing the email address. If they do not have an account, they will receive an email with instructions for how to create one and attach the registration, should they wish (account creation is not mandatory, but it is recommended in order to be able to access all features).

Paying somebody else's invoice

If you need to make a registration where somebody else (such as a company finance department) makes the payment, this is of course also possible. In this scenario, make sure that you follow this process:

  1. The person attending the conference makes and completes the registration form logged in using their personal account.
  2. Once the registration details are filled out, proceed to generate the invoice for the registration.
  3. Once the invoice is generated, there will be a field at the bottom of the invoice specification labelled External link. This link should be sent to the person paying the invoice.
  4. The person paying the invoice can then access the invoice using this link without logging in, and proceed to make the payment using any of the payment methods listed above.

Buying vouchers for others

Finally, you can also buy a set of vouchers to be given to others. In this case you buy a fixed number of tickets, and receive codes that can be used for free registration using them. Vouchers can only be used for main conference access (no training, though training can be independently added to the ticket later), and no refund is provided for unused vouchers.

If you are interested in purchasing vouchers, please contact us for instructions on how to proceed.


If you have any questions at all regarding registration or payments, don't hesitate to contact us.